Transactions advise

We put at your disposal a team with recognized expertise in financial diagnosis, evaluation and transfer of enterprises.

Your issues:

The mergers and acquisitions have become a strategic option for many companies. These are economic and management considerations that drive a company to restructure and create financial links with other companies.

Our expertise :

We offer you experienced teams to target the most appropriate scenarios to your ambitions and to master the process of your transactions for:

Transaction - buyer due diligence:

  • Analyze the performance of the target business and measuring its ability to generate cash by securing the financial parameters that contribute to the pricing.
  • Identify risks and constraints of the transaction.
  • You assist in the implementation of the clauses of price adjustment and warranty.
  • You accompany the integration and monitoring post acquisition.

Transaction - vendor due diligence:

  • Reliable historical and forecast information.
  • Identify and address the risks to the operation and conduct a study of their impact on the sale price.
  • Provide objective and relevant information on target to inspire confidence in potential buyers.

Evaluation :

  • Determining the value of a business, participation or industry as part of a trading price.
  • Securing funding arrangements through an investment project or acquisition.


  • Achieve operating diagnosis, financial, social and legal as part of a restructuring plan.
  • Establish operational and financial solutions to improve performance and cash flow of your business, rebalance your balance sheet structure and restructure debt.