Finance Function

Finance Function:

Our team can help CFOs in the restructuring process of their finance function enhance performance and efficiency by highlighting and reducing the related risks and improving the quality of the financial information:

  • Financial process audit and flash diagnosis
  • Financial information system evaluation
  • Financial function alignment study and impact analysis on employees involved
  • Financial software package evaluation and selection
  • Financial business process reengineering and function optimization
  • Functional design during projects
  • Consultation en législation de travail
  • Assistance au contrôle social
  • Change management, training of affected employees

We can also assist you with in:

  • Developing specific management indicators, dashboard or forecasting processes in order to steer the business performance
  • Implementing processes to control and reduce business risks, set up a risk mapping function and audit plan
  • Setting up an augmented reporting process for consolidated accounts in accordance with local or IFRS standards