Account audit & certification

The financial audit objective is to express an opinion on the quality of financial information provided to financial markets and the parties related to the company. Our methods comply with local and international standards on auditing (ISA). Our employees are multidisciplinary and have a continuing education plan adapted to the most complex problems. They implement extensive skills and a mastery of Moroccan and international norms and standards.

Your issues:

  • You are a company who receives a legal duty to certify accounts by an independent professional.
  • Looking accompaniment to – beyond the simple role of “legal control” for Responsible reading technical issues ensuring reconcile the texts with the economic management of your choice.
  • Looking for the intervention of an independent expert, objective and professional and under the standards of the organization and a group process

Our approach:

  • Calls personal involvement of members and mission directors. This is so that our customers are assured of always as interlocutor, experienced people and listening to their concerns.
  • Is based on the review of procedures and internal control.
  • Implements compliance verification treatments and regular accounting records.
  • also has a particular interest to non-recurring transactions with a significant impact on reading financial information.

Our expertise:

  • The contractual audit, according to the Moroccan repository or IFRS, as part of contractual tasks defined by the company, the state, shareholders and other stakeholders to consider and possibly express an opinion on the quality of financial information .
  • The statutory audit in the context of mergers and asset contribution.
  • The acquisition audit (due diligence) with the objective of the actual situation of the company to a buyer or seller.
  • Evaluation procedures and internal controls for a specific process.